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Day 2 GIU–Bee Happy Hexagons



Day 2 of GIU!  I love rhymes.  I pulled out my Bee Happy Hexagons stamp kit from Unity.  I went to Pinterest and looked at all of the cards I could with hexagons on them.  I used a Studio Calico sketch.  That was when the idea hit me that I wanted to do something to “Bee You-nique!”  I had heard something on television this morning about how we are teaching our female children not to be aggressive and that we are holding them back.  I honestly did not hear the entire thing.  Do any of the rest of you have the television on when you are working and just hear bits and pieces of it?  I have corrected the spelling on my card.

I was pulling out all of my different Phyllis Harris, Donna Downey, Fashionista, and Angie Girl stamps.  I have 2 stamps that are repeats.  I will do my own giveaway for whomever comments every day on my blog.  I thought that I would pull 3 different names.  Some of us cannot figure out how to get the Random.org to work on wordpress.  The first winner will win the 2 Itty Bittys from Unity.  The second winner will win one of my stamps.  The third winner will win one of my stamps.  I would prefer that you follow my blog but I don’t like it if you only follow to win and then come back and unfollow.  So as long as you comment every day then you will be eligible to win.

Thanks for visiting my blog this week.  Be sure to comment every day for a chance to win 2 Itty Bittys.  There’s also two more chances of winning a stamp from me.


Growing In Unity


27 thoughts on “Day 2 GIU–Bee Happy Hexagons

  1. Oh I love this card, nicely done! I am a huge fan of hexagons. I even made hexagons for my camera and Tablet bags. This card is a really cute design. And, no, I don’t tend to have the TV on unless I’m sitting there watching it. I will play classical or other soothing music on occasion though.
    Have a happy week as GUI girl!
    hugs, JoyceAnn

  2. Oh my gosh Patty, this is so funny…I was coming to thank you for all of your sweet comments a couple of weeks ago on my blog when it was MY GIU week…I had NO IDEA you were doing it this week!! Funny!

    LOVE your card!! I didn’t see the little bee flying through the honeycombs at first, so when I did,, it was a cute little surprise! And I love the way you changed the sentiment! It would have been interesting to hear the whole news story you were talking about. I raised a very strong, independent daughter who went on to get her women studies degree, and then to work in the deaf community with abused deaf women. She’s talked a lot about oppression of women and how we should be so careful in not only raising our daughters to be strong, but in raising our sons to be allies. She’s kind of my hero! Haha!

  3. Patti, I love the colors that you used! Made me think of a honeycomb. I have this set and that little bee is one of my favorites!

  4. Oh, I love working with hexagons, too! Love the card. And, there are so many sentiments you can use with “bee”.

  5. Gosh, I love the hexes. I just bought a couple of punches that I need to use. Thanks for the reminder. Nice job.

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