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Fresh Brewed Designs Saturday Design Team Feature



Well, months ago I was picked to be part of this design team and we were in the middle of a move.  Things have been so hectic with the move, company, summer and family, illness.  I’m sure it is probably the same thing that most of you have been going through as well.  Life…  Anyway, I think that after I get over this bronchitis or whatever that I just got yesterday I am going to be back on my feet and ready to go.  I am so excited to be working with Heather and the rest of the design team over at Fresh Brewed Designs.  If you look through my blog, you might see a post or two from Fresh Brewed Designs.  LOL  The first rubber stamp design that I used is Skinny Minnie Beach Set.  I thought that this was probably the last time this year that I would be able to use this set.  It is still over 100 degrees here in Texas.  But with school back in session, time at the lake or at the pool is not nearly as easy to find as it was before.  On the other hand, with school back in session, football session is starting up.  So I made a card with the Football Girl rubber set from Fresh Brewed Designs.  My son is a coach at one of the schools in a  small Texas town.  He doesn’t coach football but I think that the school is small enough that all of the coaches are very close.  I thought that perhaps this would be a good card for him to give one of his fellow coaches.  That’s why I used the colors black and orange.  I think those are the colors for his school.  Please be sure to go by Fresh Brewed Designs to see what the rest of the design team has made for you.  I know that Edwina, Marji, Rhonda, Vicky, An’Jenic and Lawren are all going to have something fantastic for you to see.

I hope that you have been inspired by my 2 cards.  I know that Fresh Brewed Designs is going to have some inspiration for you.  We have worked hard to see that you have a lot of inspiration to get you going.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

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9 thoughts on “Fresh Brewed Designs Saturday Design Team Feature

  1. Your cards turned out awesome. I love the backdrops that you have put the images on. Very creative. We’re the lucky ones, to have you part of the team. It’s nice to have you posting and I hope you feel much better soon!

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