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Fresh Brewed Designs–Summertime




The Fresh Brewed Designs Blogspot is featuring two of my cards today.  The first one is “Watermelon Boy” and the second one is “Watermelon Girl”.  You can find them by clicking on their names.  They were super fun to color and create with.  It reminds me of going to my grandparent’s house during the summer.  They always had watermelon and we always we outside on their enormous patio and ate it.  My grandfather worked very hard in a gasoline station.  He owned it and those were the days of full service.  So any time that we had to spend with him was cherished.

You know that here it is only a week from Monday before school starts up.  It only matters to me because my grandchildren will be in school and that will mean less time with them.  Also my oldest son is a school teacher so the time we have all enjoyed with him this summer will abruptly end and he will soon be busier than ever.  I said school teacher but he is also a coach so that means countless hours outside of the regular school hours will be spent away from his family.  We have all enjoyed having time with him.  He is such a fine young man.

If you have a little time before you have to start off to school then I hope you get to spend it relaxing or enjoying yourself to the fullest.  We have had so much company around here that we honestly have enjoyed but you know that it is nice when things get back to normal as well.  And it may be that our new normal is having a houseful of guests.  We will just have to get used to that!  It has been a fun but exhausting time.  I hope you have enjoyed the cards and perhaps they have inspired you to do some creating.  While you are looking at these two digital designs please do not stop there because Heather has so many other cute designs!  I hope to see you again soon.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Brewed Designs–Summertime

  1. Hey!!!! So nice to see you back in your craft room!!!! Your card is super sweet and I love your story you shared, so happy you had such a fun filled summer with all your family and yes it sure is nice when it gets back to normal, I hear you Patti!!! Have a terrific day! Hugs

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