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This image is called Bouquet For You and it was a freebie for a progressive challenge at Imagine That.  I did NOT get my card finished in time.  I have done 9 cards in the past 3 days.  I want to play in the progressive freebie challenges but I truly don’t have the time I want to have.  I take a nap every day because of my Fibromyalgia.  Between that and my dt assignments including commenting and cardmaking, I just don’t have the extra time I always think I do.  Actually I always have plenty of family and friends that I am making cards for too.  And we did take 10 days out to go to our son’s house in February.  Now I am trying to get ahead because my birthday is this month and I have a friend coming to spend a week with me.  I am truly excited to see her because we haven’t see her since we left Florida 2 years ago.  I have missed seeing her.  I really miss the friends we made there.  Enough of that.  I highlighted Bouquet For You in case you want to buy it.  It is now available for $2.  It is a beautiful digital stamp.  She has it colored for $2.50 and I think it is in three different colors.  Imagine That is having their second challenge now.  It will be over on the 14th.  I plan to send a link to Kris just so she knows that I actually did her digital stamp and that I really liked it.  I am just going to have to be more realistic about what I can do, I guess.  Perhaps there are months when I can do more and then months when I just cannot do as much as I want to.  I want to thank you for visiting my site and I always enjoy your comments.  I am definitely still learning this art which is a good thing.  When we stop learning, I think we stop living.  I cannot imagine knowing everything about anything.  As always stay crafty, be inspired, be happy, and be Blessed…Ciao…

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12 thoughts on “Bouquet For You

  1. Hi Patti! You are going to have a fun month! Isn’t it amazing that it’s already March! eek! Start your Christmas cards!!! Just kidding! : ) Lovely floral creating! Take care and enjoy visiting!

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