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Alicia’s Little Shop

Coloring Alicia - Alicia's Little Shop

There is a shop that hasn’t been around very long.  The name of it is Alicia’s Little Shop.  Our next door neighbor knows that my husband has been ill the past 5 months so she paid to have someone come mow the front lawn the other day.  That is the kind of neighbors we have around here.  We have been blessed with great neighbors.  Anyway, I wanted to make her a thank you card.  I really liked Coloring Alicia.  When you click on Coloring Alicia it will take you to the post I saw that convinced me to use this particular image.  I thought that I would put my card in their challenge here.  I actually had done this card another way and went to enter this and saw that it was supposed to have decorated paper.  I went back and looked through my papers.  I had some nice pink and brown paper with writing on it and thought that was perfect for my card.  I have looked at the first card’s picture up against this one and I truly like this one much better.  I think that by trying to show the decorated paper with the photo editor, I ended up taking too much of the color out of the rest of my card.  I apologize for that.  The card really is pretty in real life.  I colored another image of this at the same time but left the hair and eyes so that I can fill that in for the person I make it for next time.  As always, I hope that you have been inspired.  Stay crafty, be happy, be inspired, and be blessed…Ciao…

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7 thoughts on “Alicia’s Little Shop

  1. Oh you did a wonderful job colouring Alicia!!!! Very nice card my friend and thanks for another chuckle today on my blog… I will get that disclaimer written up, hahahaha ………..It is so awesome you have neigbours like that, what a blessing for sure and wow , I know envy is not good but I do envy you have green grass to mow!!! , Still white here!!!

  2. I bet your neighbor love the card it is beautiful. I love your art and your coloring…just beautiful and the image is darling.

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