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More March Birthdays

Kingfisher in the Rushes - Male - DeliciousDoodles


I have a son that was born on March 5th and my father-in-law whose birthday is March 26th.  I love this image from Delicious Doodles called Kingfisher in the Rushes – Male.  I thought it was a great image for men.  Today Fecnikek had the green leaves frame as a freebie today that I used at the background.  I put the two together and thought that they went together very well.  Teri at Delicious Doodles has the male and the female version of the Kingfisher in the Rushes on special for 2 pounds.  I think that is a little under $3 I think for us as Americans.  That took care of two male birthdays for March.  I hope that you enjoy the cards.  As always Stay Crafty, Be Inspired, Be Healthy, Be Blessed…Ciao…

Light Blue Background


5 thoughts on “More March Birthdays

  1. Absolutely Gorgeous Patti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is how a masculin card is done!!!! Thank you for the inspiration because I have a terrible hard time with male cards…. Your son and Father in Law are going to love love love these!!! My father’s birthday is on March 6th , he has passed but I still want to make a card for him, he can look down at it . I love how you combined two seperate digitals to make one, just brilliant!!! I wonder if they are still available!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Big Hugs

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