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March is the Month for Birthdays

I Love My Three Kids - A Day For Daisies - Lid Down

I Love My Three Kids - A Day For Daisies

My daughter-in-law will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, March 1.  I won’t tell which one it is because I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate my telling everyone.  She is a beautiful woman though and she has given us three beautiful grandchildren.  This image is from A Day For Daisies and is called “I Love My Three Kids“.  The girl closest to the Mom’s head is our oldest granddaughter with blonde hair, the one under her is our 3 year old granddaughter with brunette hair, and the little boy is our 6 month old grandson with very little hair.  The image had hair so I took a guess at what color it will be.  We will attach a gift card to the part that pulls out.  Our daughter-in-law really likes coffee and many times she ends up with a gift certificate from Starbuck’s but my son told us something else to get her this time.  I still thought the coffee cup with a depiction of her and her children was perfect for her.  I hope that she has the perfect birthday.  If anyone needs instructions on how to make this, I have them and it is really easy.  I would be happy to share them with anyone that would like to have them.  Just let me know.  As always, be crafty, be inspired, be happy, be Blessed.  Ciao…

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