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Fresh Brewed Designs


Silly Heather, Trix are for kids!  LOL  I hope by now everyone know about Fresh Brewed Designs.  I have oohed and aahed over it enough.  Today Heather is giving everyone a chance to win her new digital image called “Sweet Bunny” if you share it on your blog and/or Facebook.  Well I have never been one to pass up a chance to try to win one of Heather’s rubber or digital stamps so I am sharing on my blog, Facebook, twitter, and on Google +1.  You should try to win too.  Heather is awesome and she is very generous.  If you go because of me would you please just tell her that “Patti” sent you.  It isn’t going to give me any more chance of winning that you but I want her to know that I always try to go the extra mile for her because she has always been such a special friend to me.  Thank you in advance for that.  Hugs to everyone that stops by here.  See you again tomorrow.  Ciao…

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Brewed Designs

  1. YOU ARE BEYOND SWEET!!! This post made me giggle. The funny thing is, I almost write the same sort of thing in my post today (about Trix) hahaha!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing Patti!
    I ❤ Ya!!

  2. Well, thanks for letting me know about this. When you stated that Heather is awesome and generous it made me think that she would be a perfect fit for a showcase that I put together every week to honour artists out there in our card making/digital designer world that we are a part of. Heather’s designs are awesome and would be a perfect fit. When I wrote her I let her know that it was your site that I came to first and that your post inspired me to write her. If I get time I’ll also post about this lovely image that you talked about today. Thanks for inspiring me to reach out to her.

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