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Anniversary Card for Monday


Just finished and Dave should be here any minute.  This is Charlie Chaplin by The Octopode Factory for our anniversary because he loves Charlie Chaplin. I did a Charlie Chaplin in June for his birthday that he still has on his desk that was by Mo Manning.  I love that he kept it.  I tried to keep this one about the same colors. Lily Chilvers is a very talented artist that I adore.  It is always an honor to get to work with her digital stamps.  I normally don’t get to work with them unless I am doing something for myself, meaning someone that is in my family or one of my friends.  Hopefully one of the Design Teams I work with will ask her to sponsor them sometime so I can actually work with her digitals for inspiration for a group of people.  Lily is still very young and the fact that she has done so well makes me feel like a proud aunt or something.  She has a challenge site that you can find here but this time it was bling and that would NOT have worked for my husband.  Those that know my husband know that he is a great big Teddy Bear but he is just not a bling type person.  There is still time for you to enter The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge.  If I have it figured out right then it should end on the 14th of February.  If you have never checked out The Octopode Factory, you really should.  If you are an “Alice In Wonderland” super freak like me then you need to check out her AIW digital stamps!  I love you and thank you for dropping by to take a look today.  As always…Be inspired, be crafty, be blessed…Ciao…

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7 thoughts on “Anniversary Card for Monday

  1. Awwww that is so sweet that Dave still has the other Charlie Chapman, card you made him! This one is great too, and I can see Dave putting this card next to the other one!

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