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The Stamping Boutique Challenge #60: Inspired By Music

This morning The Stamping Boutique kicked off Challenge #60 – Inspired By Music.  This was my contribution.   I picked 11 Pipers Piping Christmas Digital Stamp  from The Stamping Boutique.  But it just as well could have been 12 Drummers Drumming or really any of the snowmen to represent that particular song. All 12 of the snowmen can be found here.  It truly is a good representation of the song.  My first card here isn’t a very good picture but I put it on here because it shows the Stickles that I used and also because it doesn’t have the bright light on the top.  I had to put the best picture on though so you could see that I really did do a good job on the card.  As you are running around making your holiday purchases I hope that you keep a song in your heart.  I know that I started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  Almost as soon as it was on the television music stations I started listening to it.  It is soothing to me.  Partially because it is a lot of Christian music that hasn’t changed throughout the years.  It is uplifting.  When we used to drive from Florida to Texas every year my husband would find a station that played Christmas music all year long and we would listen to it.  We would hear some of the funniest things.  Some of the people didn’t actually know what the real words were and they would tell about the oddest gifts.  We cannot remember all of the funny things we heard now.  Must be old age on my husband’s part.  Ha!  Ha!  I hope that this card will inspire you to go to The Stamping Boutique and enter Challenge #60.  At least go there and look at the rest of the DT’s cards.  We have an awesome DT.  You should go ahead and look at The Stamping Boutique Shop and see what Tracey has.

I need to mention that The Stamping Boutique has now started its second Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  This challenge is it is all French to me and last for a week.  Apparently when I told you the challenges were going to last for a month I had the wrong information.   That is another challenge for you to enter.  Get ready, set, go…  Have fun and join in.  Good Luck!

I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you celebrated it.  If you are gearing up for Christmas and still have gifts to buy please remember what the season is all about.  Sure we all like presents but that isn’t nearly as important as your presence.    None of us for one moment have ever been guaranteed a certain amount of time on this earth and yet we squander away the time we have.  We should try to make the most of the time we have and realize that time is short.  Even 80 years is short.  My father will be 78 in December and I am sure if you ask him, he would wonder where the time went.  Our children and grandchildren all grow up so fast that we cannot believe it.  If you have hard feelings with someone, now might be the time to ask them for forgiveness or now might be the time to drop it and move on from the experience.   I have an unfortunate experience in my life that I have no idea what I did but someone has turned their back on me without explanation for who knows how many times this makes.  Unfortunately we are going to have to love her enough to let her go.  I cannot tell you what will happen if she wants to come back.  My husband says this is it.  I am thinking of the prodigal son.  If we have the time, only time will tell.  If we don’t, then I know that I didn’t do anything and that I have only adhered to her wishes.  Well, I hope that this didn’t bring you down.  Do you feel like a good round of Kumbaya right now?  LOL  I am already looking forward to the next time we get together.  Until we meet again…Ciao…


4 thoughts on “The Stamping Boutique Challenge #60: Inspired By Music

  1. Patti! I follow your blog by email, so I often forget to stop in to say “Hi”, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this post today! Your definition of “Presents” vs. “Presence” really touched me. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it that way before!! And I love how you always end with a little chuckle… I’m thinking campfire and toasted marshmallows after your little “Kumbaya” comment! LOL!! (-:
    Hope you’re having a great day!!

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