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Outlawz Creative Freebie Challenge Started November 3 – CFC110412



Sandi Huggett and Anne Fenton both provided free images for this challenge.  It is totally my fault that I did not get this entered into the contest.  I had both images colored for probably most of the two weeks but I didn’t have written down when they were due so I didn’t get them made into cards.  When I saw today they had started their new challenge, I realized that I had missed the deadline.  I got my card made and I am hoping that they will accept it.  This is the image that Sandi provided.  I have the image from Anne colored but I haven’t made it into a card yet.  It will make a very pretty card as well.  I love both images.  The challenges are at Outlawz.  They provide two images and all they ask of you is that you make at least one card in the two weeks and enter it in their challenge.  Then they will provide you another two images.  Here is the challenge that started today.  It ends on December 1st.  Perhaps you would like to head over there and join in the fun.  I hope that my card can be some inspiration to you but if it isn’t, you know I always let you know that there is plenty of other inspiration on the other site!  I will NEVER tell you that I am even close to the best or semi-best artist.  I would aspire to even walk in their shadows.  I’m certainly not worthy of awe but I’m a work in progress.  Thank you for stopping by.  Please come again.  Please leave me a comment.  I know I don’t always have time to return the comments.  Some of you know that I am dealing with some really heavy things in my life right now.  Hopefully it will get better in the near future.  Until we meet again…Ciao…



5 thoughts on “Outlawz Creative Freebie Challenge Started November 3 – CFC110412

  1. Your card is so colorful and full of joy!!!! I wish that joy would cover all your fears , concern and worry right now and I am praying for your hubby…send my love to him and I am sending lots to you….you know I understand sweetie….. I am in love with your card!!!

    • Thank you Sweetie! I appreciate all the prayers we can get. I am feeling stronger each day I believe. I know it is through the power of others prayers. He is strong too. I’ll be by your blog soon. 🙂

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