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My Niece and New Great Niece

This is my niece and her new baby daughter.  I was so happy to be able to see them.  My great niece is doing great.  She had already gained 4 ounces and grown 1″ when she went in for her 1st pediatrician appointment on Friday which was 6 days after she was born.  The doctor said that she is in the 90 percentile.  I just wanted everyone to see that I got to see them and that they are doing very good.  I hope to get to post some pictures of my grandchildren at the “Pumpkin Patch” if I get a chance next week.  Until then, stay crafty & Ciao…


One thought on “My Niece and New Great Niece

  1. Congratulations my friend on your new great niece!!! So happy you got to see them…. I am back on the radar in bloggy land, lol I had to drop in and say hi! I would have picked shoes as well, matter of fact I just bought a pair while we were in Halifax to Michael’s appointment with the Surgeon, they are awesome…I have posted an update about Michael on my blog today. Lots of love! Naomi

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