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Digital Two For Tuesday 149


I was blessed to be asked to be a guest designer for Digital Designs for Tuesday today.  They gave me two awesome digital designs to work with.  I was working on this lovely design and ran out of ink in one of my pens.  We live in such a small town that I was not able to replace it in time.  Sometimes you have to compromise.  I made the other digital as well but my brain did not function properly so I actually need to redo it.  However, let me talk about this one.  They are both lovely designs and they were both from John Martin.  That is fabulous that I was given those because it is a family name for me.  My mother’s maiden name is Martin and both my Dad and my brother are named John.  Doesn’t this little dog have the most expressive eyes you have ever seen?  To me this image just screamed to be made into a mosaic.  I took the image & colored it and made it into a mosaic and then I took my 1 inch punch and made the mosaic background.  Here are the copic colors I used:

11 gold atyouSpica

C-8 (that is the grey for his nose)

E-08, 42, 55, 57, 59, 95



I did use a little color for grass and his collar but the rest is monotone as you can see with the numbers all being in the E family.  I hope that you are inspired to color this for yourself.  Please go check out Digital Two for Tuesday.  They are offering this digital and the other digital which is an elephant and a jack-in-the-box under a full moon as freebies and I am sure that you will want them.  They have an awesome blog and if you aren’t already a follower, you might seriously think about going over there and checking it out because you are missing out!  Check back with me because I’m hoping that I will have the honor to do more of their images!  This was really lots of fun.  Thank you for stopping by.  Until we meet again…Ciao…


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