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Do You Ever Do Anything Just Because?





Naomi and I have a story that people would NOT believe.  I am not going to share the whole story.  I am however going to share that she has a blog and on her blog she has a son that is scheduled for surgery.  She put out a call for her readers to please make a card to send for him.  The card on the right is the card I made for him.  The card on the left I made because I always make 2 cards at a time when I make cards and I have a friend who recently moved to Pennsylvania.  Her son is just a month or so younger than my 6 year old granddaughter.  She shared with me that he likes getting his own mail and I thought that this would be the perfect card to send to a 6 year old little boy.  Believe it or not these cards are the same color but with the lighting in my scraproom and I have quite a bit to take pictures with, I still had them come out like this.  UGH!  I would love it if you were interested in helping Naomi here is her blog link.  The digital stamp is “Puppy Dog Tails” from Diane Duda and can be found at Funky Kits .    Here is my list of copics used:

B-28, 29, 95, 97, 99

E-08, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 30


R-11, 43, 46

RV-10, 95

I’m hoping both young men enjoy their cards.  I’m also hoping if you have time that you will join me in sending a card to a young man that could use a card to cheer him up.  This could be your son or grandson and I know that we all hope if the time comes that we feel the need to ask for help that someone will answer that call.  Thanks.  I appreciate whatever help you can do.  Until we meet again…Ciao…


10 thoughts on “Do You Ever Do Anything Just Because?

  1. Hi, Beautiful project. I love the spectrum noir markers. Firstly, they are a lot less expensive than copics. Secondly, I believe they are brighter and richer colors than copics. They are also refillable. The only difference is in cost and that copic has a brush and specturm tip is similar to a crayton, which I prefer, when you color, you color in circles and blend. I find it easier than copics nd more than more likely. Crafters Companion is the website and blog to check out for further details. Hugs

  2. What a wonderful thing for you to do and I am sure that both boys will be so very excited to get these totally awesome cards! Love the sentiment that you put for the one going into the hospital, it is perfect for it. And the colours are so bright and cheerful. I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog also. And my Molly is a Maltese X Shitzu….her dad was full Maltese and her mom was Maltese X Shitzu.

    Hugs ~ Charlene

  3. Michael is going to absolutely adore this card you mega sweetheart!!! You are so amazing and I love you for it… I can’t wait to hear the story on us, hehe!!!
    Love all the pink on your blog and fantastic job with both cards… I love the frog ,, lol

  4. Your such a good hearted person! I love all your cards you made! I think both boys are going to be thrilled to get their own mail! You did a beautiful job with your cards. Love the coloring. I will make and send Naomi’s son a card. I truly hope his surgery works out for him!

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