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Crafter’s Digital Art Center

I had never played in a progressive freebie game before so boy was I quite shocked when I tried my hand at it.  This was the first freebie we were given.  You are given it ahead of time and you get an opportunity to make your card and turn it in early to see if you can be one of the “Stars” before everyone sees the stamp.  I thought I was doing a good job and had a chance.  To say my card paled in comparison to the stars of the show is an understatement!!!  You must click over to see for yourself the out of this world job that Leslie, Theresa, Jen, Loretta, and Ruza did!  I was blown out of the water and didn’t have a life preserver.  Now I know what to expect though.  These Ladies are in a League of Their Own I think when it comes to art.  I’m not sure if I’m honored to play along side of them or if they think I ought to take my 3 surf boards and go home.  LOL  The images are provided by Priscilla and it isn’t too late to play.  You can go buy the first image and then play along the rest of the time.  Once you have turned in the first image then as long as you keep up with the rest of the challenge you will be provided with the free images to play along.  There are a total of 5 images and each challenge last two weeks.  They say that there could be more freebies thrown in along the way to spice things up.  So, what have you got to lose?  Go check it out.  It has already been fun and don’t you think, even though I don’t have the star card or even close to it, that the digital image is a fun one to play with?  I hope you find it inspiring.  I KNOW you can’t go look at the *STARS* and NOT be inspired.  Jump right in and join in the fun and get ready for a bumpy ride.  I have a feeling we might have one.  Until the next time we meet…Ciao…


4 thoughts on “Crafter’s Digital Art Center

  1. Wonderful card and great colors you’ve used, nice to see the different styles of the boards! =)
    Off to add my card too, wasn’t a star this time but will keep trying! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

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