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Have You Heard?

Have you heard about the new forum that Lady Anne has opened?  It is called Lady Anne’s Paper Crafts and you must join the forum to join in on the challenges.  There are technique challenges, color challenges, and Berni Cuttino is leading a team with some challenges too.  She is on the ball.  She has all her challenges ready I have noticed!  My cards are for the free digital that Nettie G supplied us with.  So here you go:

On the second card, I changed the color of the hair.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong but I still love this image and even if there are imperfections, this isn’t a perfect world and everything I do doesn’t always have to be perfect.  (Yes, I am trying to tell MYSELF that!)  LOL  I loved making these cards.  Thanks Nettie G for the image.  Please do join us over at Lady Anne’s Paper Crafts.  This is where the challenge is.

I hope you have been inspired to create.  Until we meet again…Ciao…


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