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What does Fresh Brewed Designs have in common with my Granddaughter?

Check out Fresh Brewed Designs Challenge #104 and you will see that this week they are having an “Under the Sea” theme.  I just got back on Saturday from spending a week with my son, his wife, my 5 year old granddaughter, and my 2 year old granddaughter.  YES, this is the same family that is expecting the little boy in just a few more days!  My granddaughters and I colored together every single day.  I thought the 2 year old was too little to use my copic markers but I think of the 5 year old as “Mini Me”.  She was able to color gently enough that I trusted her to color with them.  I went and bought both of them coloring books.  (Yes, they had enough coloring books to fill the library!)  Of course she wanted to color the same things her Gramma was coloring instead of the coloring book so Mer-Mae from Some Odd Girl is one of the things she picked to color.  I thought that she did a very good job and if you look real close you can see that she drew a crown on the top of the mermaid’s head.

She picked all of the colors herself.  She really, really loved the atyouSpica copics the best because they were glittery.  She liked the darker colors better than the light ones.  I told her I would buy her a set for Christmas.  Her birthday is August 26th and I am planning to get her started on the Zentangle for Kids.  Anyway, on Saturday when I was getting ready to leave we were sitting down playing Memory and she ran in her room and got some money out of her piggy bank– $26.10 to be exact.  I argued with her about taking it.  She said, “Gramma, I want those markers and you don’t have the money to buy them for me.  This is to help you pay for them.”  This is something that is gut wrenching and then at the same time very heart warming.  It hurt me that she gave me money but on the other hand it was an extremely kind thing for a child her age, also very thoughtful, to do.  She was ahead of me as we walked toward the van to leave and I handed the money back to her father and he handed it back to her mother.  He told me that they weren’t going to tell her that I had given her money back.  She is a sweetheart and if I haven’t let it show through in this post how extremely proud of her that I am then perhaps I should take a job in publishing.  🙂  May she always be as kindhearted, sweet, thoughtful, loving, giving, and “Mini Me” as she can possibly be!  And, thanks to her parents who have done a brilliant job of raising her and encouraging her to be artistic.  She is perfect in every way.  You can make mistakes and fail at things and still be perfect.  She is the perfect granddaughter for this Gramma!  I love you Aubrey!  I hope that her picture inspires you to enter the challenge at Fresh Brewed Designs.  And while you are at it, don’t forget that they are also having the events going on at Facebook right now.

Until we meet again…Ciao…


5 thoughts on “What does Fresh Brewed Designs have in common with my Granddaughter?

  1. This post is just too sweet. I honestly cant think of words to express the warmth and love flowing from it!
    BIG BIG HUGS to you, your precious granddaughters and congratulations on your soon to be grandson. Thank you for sharing ALL of it with us at Fresh Brewed Designs. I am still smiling!!!

    Heather D.

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