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Jean by Mayzy Green

This is the birthday card I have made for the birthday I have for July 1st.  I have used Jean by Mayzy Green.  Jean is so dark and the colors are so bright that when I looked to see on the color wheel what the opposite color was so the background would look good I decided that I should tone down whatever else I added.  I decided to take a Hampton Arts stamp, “Birthdays are nature’s way of telling you to eat more cake” and emboss it with semi-transparent sparkle.  I really like the way that it turned out.  I didn’t try to make it perfect by any means.  (That’s probably why it looks more like a store bought card!)  LOL  On the inside I took another Hampton Arts card and some Versa Vintage Sepia ink and stamped an eloquent “Happy Birthday”.  Hopefully the recipient will enjoy it.

Here is my list of copics:







I hope you are inspired to get creative.  I am leaving on Sunday and will be gone for a week.  I am going to do as many things as possible before I leave.  Until we meet again…Ciao…




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