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Father’s Day Cards

I completely ran out of time because we have so many birthdays in June, I have design team obligations, my husband and I babysit for our grandsons and school is out, there is an anniversary this month, I had a couple of doctor appointments this month and I have been coloring everything with copics.  I’m also doing 9 ATCs and currently, I may, (probably will), change my mind, but currently I’m coloring 90 images to go on these 9 ATC cards.  That doesn’t count the entire background coloring that I already did on the ATCs and the fact that I will have to fussy cut the 90 images.  Plus we are getting a puppy on Friday.  Can someone say “Crazy”?  LOL  Yes, I’m thinking I may have lost my sanity somewhere along the way.  I really had nice images for Father’s Day started.  I did one of them.  I also didn’t mention that I helped one grandson do 2 Father’s Day cards and a birthday card.  He is my crafting buddy!  I am SO excited that he loves art and loves to craft.  I want him to love it and I want to encourage him.  I actually gave him one of the cards that I had done.  I think I posted it on my other blog.  Anyway, at the present I don’t even see my index card saying where I got the stencil for the tie.  I cut all 3 out of different paper.  Hey, each of the dads deserved at least their own color, right?  LOL  I cut out the oval and used Distress Ink to go around that.  The background papers are Essentials Paperz.  I had 2 of them.  I really thought the colors went pretty well.  I had a small acrylic stamp that I probably got from Joann or Michael’s for $1. I went around the ovals with a pen to make it look like stitching and I also outlined the tie to give it some definition.  I’m sorry that I didn’t represent my cards very well.  I still have two to post and at least 5 more to make before the end of the week.  I feel bad like I have let you down on these cards. I put a tie joke into the card:  A man walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink.
“Hey, nice tie!” comes out of nowhere. He looks up at the bartender to see if he had said anything, but since he was on the other side of the bar the man just ignores it. “Hey! Nice shirt!” The man looks up but, again, the bartender is engaged elsewhere. “Hey! Nice suit!” The man then calls the bartender over and asks him if he keeps talking to him. “It’s not me, it’s the complimentary peanuts.”   Hey, I had to make up for not making the men of my life the best cards EV-AH!  LOL

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and Happy Father’s Day to the fathers and daddies out there!  Until we meet again…



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day Cards

  1. Patti, your just too funny!! That is a truly funny tie joke! And your fussy cutting out 90 images, yes I do believe you have lost your mind!! Sure all the men in you life deserve different tie paper, not that would care if you used the same but hey? LOL! It is a good thing to teach kids art and I am so proud of you for doing that w/ your DGS! Dont forget to post some pix of your new puppy!

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