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Two Of The Best Friends EvAH

I’ve told you about my two BFFs & my trip to Florida in March to visit them.  I have been meaning to get them some thank you cards made to get sent out to let them know how much I truly appreciated the fun time that we had together.  Well, I finally got them done & here they are for all to see.  We were supposed to get them in the mail today but I didn’t put the addresses on them & DH is putting a doggie door in for me!  I can’t complain too loudly about that!  🙂  So they will have to go out tomorrow.  I loosely used a card for a sketch that I found on Kathy Curry’s blog.  Kathy, I hope that is right.  I printed it out but it doesn’t say on the bottom & it is hard to read the white on the card.  It was your Mother’s Day card.  I will add a link if I find it.  I’m pretty sure I will.  Anyway, please enjoy & I get this from another blogger out there:  Please remember to be thankful on Friday for all the little things that you have to be thankful for.  She takes a look at what she has to be thankful for on Fridays & lists them.  I hope that you have had a good week & that you are looking forward to having an even better weekend!  Until we meet again…



5 thoughts on “Two Of The Best Friends EvAH

  1. Patti, very cute card I just love turtles and fairies so a fairy riding a turtle is great! Very nice of you to send them a thank you card!

  2. Hi Patti, Many of us mean to send “thank you” cards (this includes me) and then life happens and the card doesn’t happen. So I’m very inspired by those who actually get their cards in the mail. I’m sure your friends will be chuffed to receive it.

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