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Sharing Time

I’ve been trying to help my parents since their wreck.  The guy that hit them is 18 & has a family.  He didn’t have a driver’s license or insurance.  My parent’s car is totaled besides my Mom’s five broken ribs.  She hasn’t been able to care for herself & Dad has needed to get out of the house.  They live 40 miles away.  We have been trying to take food or go help take care of her.  On top of that I haven’t felt well.  These blooming allergies & my other illness don’t help matters.  I have a big project that was due on the 16th.  It is awesome but I haven’t felt well enough or been home enough to get it completed.  Anyway, we had to replace the sink in our kitchen & the faucet b/c the water bill went up 400% b/c of the drought we are having in Texas.  We have had a leak in the faucet since we bought the house so it was past time.  I thought I would share my new pen holder, top picture, & Stickles holder, bottom picture, with you.  That isn’t what they look like?  Well, let me explain.  We found these 2 pieces at Target yesterday.  I asked my husband if he could take PVC pipe & put it in the wine rack.  He said he could.  We found the PVC pipe & we even found little end caps that fit on the end of the pipe so the pens won’t go all the way through.  He is going to cut it & put it in the wine rack.  I plan to take all of my different pens & sort them by color, all the blues in one, blacks in one, reds in one–you get the picture.  There are 10 slots.  I went on a site:   & ordered three 12″ diameter wooden circles.  They are 3/4″ thick.  My husband is going to drill holes into each of them so I can store my Stickles, Adirondack Alcohol Inks, (& if there is anything else that I have or that fits if there is any room left over), upside down.  I will share a picture when they are done but I haven’t posted in so long I wanted to share something with you.  So these are my projects for the hubster & then I will get busy filling them.  Oh, I picked up some sugar jars too so I can fill them with the Baker’s twine.  When I finally get my scraproom finished there will be pictures to share.  I do have before pictures as well.  🙂  Enjoy the rest of your day or evening wherever you are.


8 thoughts on “Sharing Time

  1. Sounds like you are having fun and being creative even under the not so fun circumstances Patti! This is so creative! Can’t wait to see them finished!

  2. Hey, GF, I am so sorry to hear about your parent’s accident. I pray for a speedy and complete recovery for you mom! I can’t wait to see the completed re-purposing project.

    I know you have a lot on your plate, but things will ease up soon!
    Big Hugz,

  3. What a great idea to use these items for craft storage – just shows that it pays to think outside the square.

  4. Hi there! What fun storage ideas! You’ll have to take some ‘after’ photos! You asked if I lived near Joplin, Mo. We are about 5 hours from Joplin. For about 15 years, DH worked in Branson – drove back and forth each week. Last June, he decided he wanted to stop traveling, so he’s closer to home now! Take care!!!

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