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Just Because

Week #110 – ‘Beautiful Roses’ the Shabby Tea Room Challenge with colors AQUA, PINK, NEUTRALS and FLOWERS!  I made my card to enter into this challenge.

Week 110 Beautiful Roses The Shabby Tea Room Challenge

I used Kraft cs, pink cs, Webster’s Pages Sunday Picnic “Poppy Fields”, a couple of crafting tapes from Recollections, a Jolee’s Boutique rose, some pink gems from K&Co, a couple of stamps, & a couple of pins.  I’m really happy with the result & don’t think that the picture does it justice.  I hope this gives you some inspiration to go & make something crafty.  I’m working really hard to get out some ATC cards that are past due.  Hopefully I’ll have them finished this weekend & get them sent off.  I’m real excited about the end results.  In the meantime, stay crafty & thanks for visiting my part of the world.


10 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Hi Patti! I love your shabby chic card! It is funny, that we used the same sentiment!
    Oh, Baby Watch!!! So much fun for Grandparents!
    I have three granddaughers, Jasmine, MacKenzi, and Danielle and two Grandson, Joshua Elias and Sean Alexander.

    How many boys and girls do you have.? Sean is our youngest Gran, he is 10 months old..

    • Chana~I have 2 granddaughters: Aubrey & Morgan and 2 grandsons: Jeffrey & David. The 3rd grandson is due the end of July. 🙂 Aubrey will be 6 in August, Morgan will be 3 in December, Jeffrey was 11 in February, and David will be 7 in September. I love being around the girls mostly b/c they belong to my son & they have to mind. The boys belong to my husband’s daughter & they are doing better according to my husband but when we moved here a year ago they hadn’t had much discipline. You know the old saying, “If I had ever talked to MY parents like that!” LOL It was hard for me to be around with them hitting each other or tearing things apart. Even though we’ve been married for over 17 years, my husband’s ex tells them that I’m not their grandma & I have tried not to make things more confusing for them. My husband says that they have been talking a lot about me & wanting me to be around. He babysits them before & after school. So, perhaps it won’t be long before we will have a much better relationship. The oldest grandson is going to his Daddy’s for the summer but the youngest one will come to our house for the summer so we will have a good time. He loves to draw & do arts & crafts!!! My type of guy! 🙂

      Patti La Bombard

      • MacKenzi and Jasmine are my DIL’s children by a previous marriage, but my husband and I are “Bubbie and Zaidie” to them. They were hesitant at first because when they first asked if they could call us Bubbie and Zaidie, Joshua told them, “NO, they are MY Bubbie and Zaidie, not yours.” Joshua is my daughter’s child and when he was born, he came to live with us until my daughter went back to work. When my daughter returned to work, they decided they did not want Joshua to go to daycare (neither did we) so my husband, who was retired watch Josh in our office when I had to go out to a client’s office. he home schooled Josh until he was ready for Pre-K. So Josh just felt like an only grandchild, which he was until my son got married four years ago. We worked it out, Josh apologized and things are fine. I think if you stay positive and just keep treating them as “YOUR” grandkids, after awhile they will cancel out Mom negativity.

        My daughter had such a rough time, she decided she didn’t want to have anymore children, but the other day she started talking to me about adoption, so…we’ll see!

      • Well, our DIL said she wasn’t having anymore children. And, Aubrey asked her mom, our DIL for a baby brother. Mary said, “Well, you’ll have to talk to G-d about that.” LOL You know the rest of the story. Baby brother is due the end of July. Son is now fixed. But, if G-d wants them to have another one, that procedure is only 90% or something like that effective. LOL It is the other Grandma, or Nana 2, they call her that is giving them fits. Their Mom is fine with me being Gramma. So, I don’t have problems with my stepdaughter. I make them things like altering letters so they can hang up their backpack, those kind of things whenever I can! Hugs~Patti

        Patti La Bombard

  2. This is just gorgeous! I love the flower you created!

    Do you have an email you can share with me? You can find mine on my blog. I looked for away to contact you the other day regarding picture taking.

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