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A Giveaway

Do you like ATCs as much as I do?  Well, Trish over at Lost Muse Journals is giving away some of her extra ATCs that she has made over the years.  You can find them here:  Would you please tell her that Patti sent you?  I would love to see someone I sent win if I didn’t win!!!  hehe  Her ATCs are really beautiful.  And I’m so thrilled to be able to post a giveaway on my blog!  Hopefully I can have more in the future.  I hope to have many more followers one day.  I had 13 at one time & then changed from blogspot.  I lost some of my followers.  I truly hate that.  There are some women that I have lost touch with since I started scrapping just a few short years ago.  Well, good luck to each of you & seriously go check out Trish’s blog.  She is amazing!  I’ll be posting a card later that I’m taking to my daughter-in-law tomorrow for their “gender” revealing party.  More on that later.



One thought on “A Giveaway

  1. I know what your talking about w/ your gender reveling party, but it just sounds so weird… LOL…. like someone went and got a sex-change or something and it’s like Hey look at me what am I now girl or boy? Blagh ha ha! Good luck on your card for your gender day, and tks for the link to the ATCs! Have a Blessed day GF!

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