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Easter Card

You may have noticed an absence.  LOL  I spent 9 days in Florida.  I had planned to spend a week there.  My sweet, adorable husband let me go there to spend my birthday with my BFFs.  However, when it was time to come home there was bad weather in Dallas & I could not get home to him.  American Airlines did NOTHING to help me, telling me that I could spend 2 days in the airport waiting.  I subsequently found out that the first half of the flight was definitely booked but the 2nd half of the flight was just on stand-by.  I had to pay an extra $24 just to make sure that I WOULD get home after 2 days!!!  I was without medication for 2 days & American Airlines compensation for the trouble?  HA!  They gave me 7000 frequent flyer miles that I’ll never use b/c I won’t fly with them again.  They could have at least reimbursed me the $24.  They were offering $500, plus hotel stays, plus dinner, plus breakfast at the airport for anyone who would give up their seat the day that I actually flew.  They certainly were cheap with me & it certainly was NOT appreciated.  But, this blog is not for complaining.  However, I wanted you to know how I was treated by American Airlines should you want to fly the “friendly skies”–you might want to think twice about who you fly with & be sure if you take medicine to take extra.  You never know when the weather will delay you.

The Crafter’s Cafe is having an Easter card challenge here:  We were given a choice of two images & I chose Chickie.  Here is the card that I made.  I hope that you enjoy it & I hope that you are busy creating too.  It gives us such pleasure, doesn’t it?  No matter what medium we choose to use!  I hope to have more for you this week but we are going to Dallas to find out the gender of the new grandbaby that is due in July.  That is very exciting for us!!!

Ciao for now!!!


3 thoughts on “Easter Card

  1. Super cute Chickie coloring and designing! I love the plaid paper w/him! I used to love to fly but that last time cured me…ugh… I cannot stand being treated like a criminal!

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