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My son & granddaughter

I’ve been wanting to put a picture of my granddaughter on here for a long time.  I have no problem showing off my son as well.  🙂  They went to a Maverick’s game last night.  Aubrey loves sports & watches them with her Dad.  She can actually tell you who the players are.  We are having our 10th grandchild in July.  It is a strange thing.  This son, Patrick, is my 1st son but then I remarried & although that marriage ended up in a divorce as well, I have 2 (adopted) children & 5 grandchildren from that relationship.  I didn’t formally adopt them but we still have a strong relationship & they call me Mom & the children call me Gramma & my husband Grampa.  Well, as promised, the picture of my beautiful son & the first granddaughter I had.  🙂


3 thoughts on “My son & granddaughter

    • Kristy~I’m learning this so tell me if I’m doing it right. Thanks for the lovely words about my family. I think he is handsome & she is beautiful & I don’t have a prejudice bone in my body! LOL

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