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Best Friends

It took me 50 years to find my BFF.  I had never known anyone like her.  Once we became friends my world was literally turned inside out.  Her husband got ill & we went through his death together.  That will certainly help to bond or break a friendship.  But there were moves within the same apartment complex on my part & her part & we helped each other through that & she had a knee replaced & my husband & I helped her with that.  I always say that I honestly don’t know who helped who the most though.  She honestly has been wonderful to & for me.  She has been an asset to my husband as well.  She listens to me & she doesn’t automatically take my side or his.  And, after she lost her husband it helped me to understand that sometimes the little things just aren’t THAT important & to let them go.  I learned that I would rather my husband live a short life & NOT have a wife that nagged at him for various things than to have a long life & have a nagging wife.  (One of things is losing weight & yes, he would be healthier but not necessarily happier.)  I had to let that go.  Anyway, our friendship defies science.  For the longest time, when my BFF gets stressed, my neck will break out in bumps that itch.  I have seen more than my share of dermatologists that cannot explain this to me nor have they been able to treat it properly.  We moved almost a year ago about 1500 miles away.  I texted my BFF last Wednesday & asked her if she was in the hospital.  She texted back that indeed she was in the Emergency Room waiting to be admitted & how did I know?  Those are the things that science cannot explain but that makes our friendship very special.  Anyway, I am sending her a “Get Well” card & you know the drill, it comes from no other than Bugaboo Stamps:  www.Bugaboostamps.com/

I was putting Nurse Ratchett on the name tag.  hehe  The hours on visiting hours were a combination of my husband & myself:  he said to make them very short like 20 minutes.  I said, “I’m going to say, ‘The patient is here to Get Well, Have Your Family Reunion At Home.'”  He thought that was funny so that is all the encouragement I needed.  Here is my card.  I hope you enjoy it & I hope that my BFF enjoys it too:


2 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Love both the card you created and the article you wrote. It seems you and your best friends have been very important to each other and distance doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship!

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