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Another Grandchild

We have been blessed & are expecting our tenth grandchild in July.  We are very excited about it.  It will be the 3rd child for this family.  They decided that this would be their last child.  Thus my son went & did the responsible thing & had surgery on Friday.  That being said, I was looking for a card to send to them to congratulate them & of course I always start with www.Bugaboostamps.com/.  This time was no different.  I saw this & told my husband about it & he thought it was the perfect card for me to make & send.  My father’s family has a sense of humor that only the card can explain.  My Mom’s family on her mother’s side, also shared this sense of humor.  That hasn’t always served me well as it has made it difficult for me to be able to filter what I should & shouldn’t say at times.  I think that I have learned much better as I have aged.  Whew!  Here are the cards:

I hope you enjoy them & I hope my son & daughter-in-law accept them with the love & humor that we meant for them to be.  We are truly excited & proud.  Our oldest grandson just turned 11 in January.  We have another one that will turn 11 tomorrow, Valentine’s Day.  Thanks for looking & I appreciate the feedback!


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