Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blog Challenge #11 Week 3



This week I took Smoochie Baby from The Stamping Boutique to make into a Christmas tag.  I used Christmas colors and then the sentiment “Christmas is For Children”.  I love that Christmas song.  This is week 3 of Challenge #11 at The Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blog. The challenge runs until December 31 and our sponsor is Robert Jackson.  We are grateful to Robert Jackson for sponsoring this challenge for us and I want to thank him again here.



I know that this is the time of year that we are all SO busy and running around like crazy people trying to get everything done.  Thankfully I think that my husband and I have it all done and we are in a good place to take time and reflect on this past year.  I will save that for another post.  I would love to share all of the inspiration from The Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blog from this week but I am waiting to see if I can get their permission so for now you will have to go to the blog itself to see all of the wonderful eye candy.  You can see it by going here.  If you want to pay Robert Jackson a visit then you can visit him by going here.  As the year winds down, this is my last post for the year for CCCB and I need to remind you if you want to buy any of  The Stamping Boutique’s  images that you must do so before December 31, 2012 when Tracey closes the store.  I will have a few more posts before the end of the year.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

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The Stamping Boutique Challenge #63 – Gift Ideas or Packaging



Well, this is the next to last challenge for The Stamping Boutique.  Challenge #63 is doing gift ideas or packaging.  I went to Michael’s and picked up this little gingerbread man for less than 79 cents.  I used the Gingerbread Man With Buttons from The Stamping Boutique.  Remember if you want any of Tracey’s images from The Stamping Boutique you have until December 31st to purchase them and then they go into the vault.  Creative Imaginations had some gingerbread paper.  I don’t see a name on it but it is by Samantha Walker.  I tore the paper into small pieces and then put it on this box with some Mod Podge.  I have a special friend I want to send it to and she requested having gingerbread potpourri put in it so I am going to try to find some.  That may require a trip to some place like Pier One.  Oh, shucks.  LOL  We all, the DT of The Stamping Boutique, invite you to join us in these last two challenges.  I hope that this can be some inspiration to you.  As always the rest of the DT has done some awesome projects and they can be seen here.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

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The Stamping Boutique Challenge #62 – Ornaments

Ornaments fromTSB


Today at The Stamping Boutique for Challenge #62 we are making Ornaments.  On the first one, I took the 3 images Tracey has that are ornaments and made a tree to hang them on.  On the second one, I took the image Holly Berry with Ribbon, colored it twice, punched out a circle of cardboard and sandwiched it in between my colored images.  If you have not heard, Tracey has made an official announcement that she is closing the doors on her shop, The Stamping Boutique, after 3.5 years.  If there are any images that you really like from there you only have until December 31st to go buy them.  I guess after this there will only be two more challenges and that will be it from us at The Stamping Boutique.  I have thoroughly enjoyed doing my best week after week to inspire you to want to join in on the challenges.  I have loved and admired all of the other DT members.  This bottom ornament looks very good at the bottom of our tree.  My husband has been going through some health issues and we did not want to put up a big tree this year in case he wasn’t able to take it down for me.  We have a 2 foot Charlie Brown Christmas tree that has one ornament on it so we just put this on the bottom by the tree skirt and it really looks cute.  It will look good on our tree next year.  I hope you will join us for our final three challenges at The Stamping Boutique.  We have had SO many excellent entries we have had a hard time choosing the winners.  Until we meet again…Ciao…


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Freshly Made Sketches #64 – Toad_ally_Amazing – Tiddly Inks


I truly loved the sketch from Freshly Made Sketches this week.  It fit two cards I needed to make perfectly.  Back on November 27th I told you of a 6 year old boy, Sebastian, who is having surgery on December 19th and will be spending Christmas in the hospital.  This is the second surgery he has had in a year.  The first one was on his other arm and it was NOT a success but this little boy continues to be an inspiration to everyone around him and he never gives up.  He is willing for them to try surgery on this arm to see if they can get it to bend.  This arm is worse and if they can have a successful surgery this time, they will go back and redo the other arm.  I think that is a brave young man.  Ginger’s House put out the call for the cards and how can this gramma say, “No”, to a 6 year old boy when she would want the same thing for one of her grandsons if it was happening to them?  So I found this adorable image and the accompanying sentiment that I put on the inside says, “You are toad-ally amazing!”  I truly think Sebastian fits the bill for this!  I will be praying that THIS surgery is a success.  I want to thank Freshly Made Sketches for Sketch #64 for such a fabulous sketch.  I have no idea what I would have done with the last two cards without it.  I used the punch that looks like a paper edge because I thought Sebastian might like that.  I hope he likes his card.  You have a couple of days left if you want to join in at Freshly Made Sketches for this sketch.  Hopefully one of my cards has inspired you but there are quite a few entries and of course the DT entries are fabulous if you need more inspiration.  So just head over to Freshly Made Sketches for some inspiration.  If you don’t feel you have time this week then you might want to at least head over there and bookmark them for future use.  They really have some good sketches.  I eagerly await our future meeting…Ciao Baby…

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I want to enter this in:  Freshly Made Sketches #64

Tsuruta Designs

Freshly Made Sketches – Sketch #64

Happy Birthday Girl--TiddlyInks--Nancy2012

Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday.  We are only 21 months apart.  My brother is only 16 months younger than her.  Someone always has to be the “odd man out”, right?  Well, I got to be that one.  We have more birthdays in December, it is crazy!  My granddaughter turned 3 on the 3rd, my brother-in-law had a birthday on the 6th, my sister on the 8th, my niece is graduating on the 14th, my Dad’s birthday is the 17th, my son-in-law’s birthday is the 21, the I have a friend whose birthday is the 24th and another whose birthday is the 25th.  If you read my blog regularly you saw that I am getting a card ready for Sebastian for the 19th for his surgery.  So, between that, my husband’s upcoming surgery, Christmas shopping, DT work, and then the things I try to do above and beyond to show support to my boss, as well as the friends I have made in this business, I have stayed quiet busy.  I really loved this sketch.   I turned it.  Let me give you the link so you can go see it here.  The DT was very inspiring.  They pick a winner at noon (PST) on Monday and announce the winner on Tuesday so if you want to join in there is still some time.  I hope that my little card for my sister can be an inspiration for you.  Your card doesn’t have to be a birthday card.  It can be whatever kind of card you would like for it to be.  I love having you leave comments and I love knowing that you have cared enough to drop by when we are all so busy during our days.  When I use the blog pages like this some people have trouble finding the comment spot.  It is on the top where the comment cloud  is.  Thank you for dropping by out of your busy day.  I cannot wait until we meet again.  I have two cards that need to be done yesterday!  LOL  Need wasn’t a typo, I know it should be needed, and we are babysitting three grandchildren tonight but Grandma will probably be in her scrap room busy most of the time.  Such is the life of a scrapper sometimes.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

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The Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blog Challenge #11 – Week 1 – Winter Themed Tags


This month at The Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blog we have Robert Jackson as our sponsor.  Thank you Mr. Jackson for sponsoring us.


I chose to use Candy Canes which you can purchase by clicking on the link.  The prices are very reasonable.  We are doing winter themed tags.  I put the candy cane image on both sides.  I stamped it with “Merry Christmas.  May the wonder that is Christmas touch the child within your heart.”  The light blue background and some silver ribbon, I was good to go.  I did staple the ribbon in place.  I normally will take a glue dot or something to make certain that the ribbon doesn’t slide around.  Please check out our challenge at The Crafter’s Cafe Challenge Blogspot.  We have been having some very nice entries.  I know this is a very busy time of year but most of us as crafters need to do some crafting to relax.  I have shown you an example of a tag that won’t take a whole lot of time but will still fit the bill for coloring, cutting, gluing, stamping, fussing cutting, coordinating colors, and that will still let you spend time with your family and friends or doing that shopping that you may need to do whether online or in the stores!  Hopefully I have been able to inspire you but if you are looking for something more complicated then visit The Crafter’s Cafe Blogspot Challenge #11 – Week 1 – Winter Themed Tags and take a look at my fellow DT’s work as they are always inspiring.  I look forward to seeing you again…Until then…Ciao…

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The Stamping Boutique Challenge #61 – Holiday Cards


Today I bring you from The Stamping Boutique, Mail Girl.  If you are like me and trying to work on your coloring techniques then this is a fantastic image to purchase.  If you aren’t working on your coloring techniques and already have them down then you know that this is a fantastic image for you to purchase to show off your artistic talents.  If you just want to color and have fun, this image fits the bill for that as well.  This month, we, The DT at The Stamping Boutique, are going to focus on Holiday cards.  Now I spent 10 years in Florida and this is only my second Christmas back in Texas so not everybody’s cards are going to have snow.  Many people don’t have snow or even cold weather.  Here in the part of Texas I live in, it is always a “toss-up” if it is going to be 70 outside or if we will have our fireplace going.  Of course, if you knew my husband, you would know that he isn’t opposed to having the fireplace going when it is 70 outside!  LOL  The technique I used for my card is called an “oval scallop gatefold” card.  I don’t have all of the right equipment to make it so I had to work with it until I got it the way I wanted.  I have to make my own scallops around the oval and cut them out.  I have all of the correct machines but not all of the die cuts yet.  There are at least 12 other fantastic cards for this challenge, The Stamping Boutique Challenge #61 – Holiday Cards, that I would like to invite you to go take a look at and then please join us in this challenge.  Who doesn’t need cards for the holidays?  If you know me, the only reason I am saying holidays is that if you want to make an Easter card or New Year’s Eve card, then I say go for it.  I am not about to take Christ out of Christmas.  I figure Holiday Cards covers any holiday that you want to include!  So my hope is that my card or any of the others at The Stamping Boutique Blogspot will have inspired you to join us for this challenge.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that over at The Paper Craft Planet The Stamping Boutique has just begun its 3rd challenge – Gold and/or Rings.  They are just getting started but they DO have prizes and they also have tutorials over there.  Please go check them out.

As always, I bid you adieu, let you know that I look forward to our next meeting and say, “Ciao”…

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Cards For Sebastian


I am pleading with anyone who stops by my blog to please make a card for this little boy.  His name is Sebastian.  He is 6 years old.  There were a bunch of cards made for him less than a year ago when he had surgery on his left arm to try to be able to bend it at the elbow.  We all take things like that for granted, don’t we?  Now he is going in on December 19th to have surgery on his right arm to see if they can get it to bend at the elbow.  His last surgery was NOT a success.  If you want to read Sebastian’s entire story, please go to Ginger’s House.  She tells you all of the things he likes and what he wants in life.  While we are all celebrating with our loved ones at Christmas, Sebastian will be in the hospital in casts.  Here is the address to send the cards to:


c/o Ms. Brown’s Class
Greynolds Park Elementary School
1536 NE 179 Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33162


Please make this little boy’s Christmas a good one just by sending him a card.  He loved it the last time & he will love it again.  He is a special little boy from what I understand, but aren’t all children special each in their own way?  Thank you for reading this & if you take the time to send a card then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that as well.

Until we meet again…Ciao…


The Stamping Boutique Challenge #60: Inspired By Music

This morning The Stamping Boutique kicked off Challenge #60 – Inspired By Music.  This was my contribution.   I picked 11 Pipers Piping Christmas Digital Stamp  from The Stamping Boutique.  But it just as well could have been 12 Drummers Drumming or really any of the snowmen to represent that particular song. All 12 of the snowmen can be found here.  It truly is a good representation of the song.  My first card here isn’t a very good picture but I put it on here because it shows the Stickles that I used and also because it doesn’t have the bright light on the top.  I had to put the best picture on though so you could see that I really did do a good job on the card.  As you are running around making your holiday purchases I hope that you keep a song in your heart.  I know that I started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  Almost as soon as it was on the television music stations I started listening to it.  It is soothing to me.  Partially because it is a lot of Christian music that hasn’t changed throughout the years.  It is uplifting.  When we used to drive from Florida to Texas every year my husband would find a station that played Christmas music all year long and we would listen to it.  We would hear some of the funniest things.  Some of the people didn’t actually know what the real words were and they would tell about the oddest gifts.  We cannot remember all of the funny things we heard now.  Must be old age on my husband’s part.  Ha!  Ha!  I hope that this card will inspire you to go to The Stamping Boutique and enter Challenge #60.  At least go there and look at the rest of the DT’s cards.  We have an awesome DT.  You should go ahead and look at The Stamping Boutique Shop and see what Tracey has.

I need to mention that The Stamping Boutique has now started its second Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  This challenge is it is all French to me and last for a week.  Apparently when I told you the challenges were going to last for a month I had the wrong information.   That is another challenge for you to enter.  Get ready, set, go…  Have fun and join in.  Good Luck!

I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving if you celebrated it.  If you are gearing up for Christmas and still have gifts to buy please remember what the season is all about.  Sure we all like presents but that isn’t nearly as important as your presence.    None of us for one moment have ever been guaranteed a certain amount of time on this earth and yet we squander away the time we have.  We should try to make the most of the time we have and realize that time is short.  Even 80 years is short.  My father will be 78 in December and I am sure if you ask him, he would wonder where the time went.  Our children and grandchildren all grow up so fast that we cannot believe it.  If you have hard feelings with someone, now might be the time to ask them for forgiveness or now might be the time to drop it and move on from the experience.   I have an unfortunate experience in my life that I have no idea what I did but someone has turned their back on me without explanation for who knows how many times this makes.  Unfortunately we are going to have to love her enough to let her go.  I cannot tell you what will happen if she wants to come back.  My husband says this is it.  I am thinking of the prodigal son.  If we have the time, only time will tell.  If we don’t, then I know that I didn’t do anything and that I have only adhered to her wishes.  Well, I hope that this didn’t bring you down.  Do you feel like a good round of Kumbaya right now?  LOL  I am already looking forward to the next time we get together.  Until we meet again…Ciao…

Thank You Susan

While I was away for Thanksgiving, I received notification that I had received an award.  I am very grateful and it took me too long to pick it up really but I am ill and not getting much done these days since we returned home.  It has been a long time since I stayed in bed all day long and that is what I did on Saturday and most of Sunday.  I could not stand it today and I had a friend, more like a sister, who had a birthday today that I hadn’t gotten a card out to, so I got up and got it done and sent out.  Here is my award:

Now there are some rules that go along with this award so here they are:

Here are the rules for the Sun Shine Award!
1. Include award logo in blog post.

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.

3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.

4. Nominate up to 10  bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them

OK, so here we go!

1.  What is my favorite animal?  I am a DOG person.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like cats b/c I do.  I am very allergic to them.  I have 2 furbabies, dogs, that I adore.  They have us wrapped around their paws!

2.  What do I like to read?   I don’t have much time to read anymore but I enjoy a good mystery.

3.  What is my favorite color?  My favorite color is BLUE.  It has been as long as I can remember.  I love the blue and brown combinations that are popular now as well as the pink and brown combinations.

4.  Who are my “heroes?”  My husband is my hero.  He is SO brave.  He is facing something so tough right now and you would never know it.  My grandmother was my hero.  She has been gone for 10 years now and I still miss her more than words can express.

5.  What did I do before stamping took over my free time?  I must have had a life.  LOL  I actually have fibromyalgia and stamping and making cards helps me to not think about the pain I am in.  

6.  What city have I always wanted to visit?  I think it would be Boston in the summertime.

7.  Where would I love to live when I retire?  I want to be close to children and grandchildren wherever they may be.

8.  Why did I get interested in stamping?   It was Leah Crowe who told me about digital stamps and if it hadn’t been for her then I would have not gotten started when I did.  Perhaps I would have eventually learned about them and gotten started but she did this wonderful thing for me!

9.  If I had to choose a profession over again, what would it be?  I truly would marry someone the first time like Dave that wanted me to be a full-time Mom and to take care of our children and make sure that no one else raised them for us!  That would be my dream come true!!!

10.  What is my favorite holiday?  Christmas or any holiday that can be spent with family!  I love being around family.

Thank you Susan.  You made my day more than you will ever know and I am so sorry it took me a week to pick it up.

OK, now I will pass this “SUNSHINE” AWARD on to these people who have inspired me in so many different ways:

1.  Leah Crowe   Without Leah I wouldn’t have ever even known about digis and it blows my mind to think that it was only a year ago Christmas that this happened!  Thank you Leah.

2.  Naomi Edwards   Naomi and I met in an unique way but we both believe that we were supposed to cross paths.  She has been a support for me and I hope that I have been one for her as well.

3.  Berni Cuttino  Berni and I have become blog friends and she can make my day a happy day just by saying hello.  She is very talented and extremely sweet.  I don’t know how she manages to keep up with all of the DTs she is on.  She is definitely an inspiration to me.

4.  Aletha Williams  Aletha colors better than anybody I know.  I aspire to color like Aletha.  I hope one of these days I can be 1/2 as good.  Aletha took a chance on me and let me be on her “Hippity with Ippity” DT until she decided to explore other avenues.

5.  India Farr  This is my niece.  She has made us all proud.  She and my son, Patrick, have done more than their mom, aunt, or uncle.  They went to college and actually graduated.  She has a job awaiting her when she graduates.  She has plans to get married in May.  We all love and respect her.  Isn’t it nice when you can say that about someone?  That you not only love them but you respect them?  If you read her blog you will see that she has done some great things and she could be the first woman president, I believe, if she wanted to!  She may not technically be a crafter but she is going to teach 3rd grade and she is going to be very crafty getting her room all set up the way she wants it!

6.  Kristy Deyette  Both Kristy and Aletha took chances on me when I’m not sure if anyone else would have wanted to.  I’m grateful to them for that.  Kristy has been a good friend to me and we have tried to keep each other happy when the world seemed doomsday.

7.  Susan Salyer  Susan has her own web space now.  I don’t know what you call it.  We have met IRL.  She is a sweetheart and has been very supportive of me.  I am hoping that one of these days she will have the opportunity to show me some of her skills so that I can learn more and more.  She has extraordinary coloring skills that boggle the mind.

8. Karen Christensen  I have been following Karen’s blog for quite a while now and I have no idea how she keeps up with all of the DTs that she is on.  She still manages to make very elaborate cards.  She is an inspiration to me.

9.  Chana  I don’t guess Chana tells anyone her last name.  LOL  I have been following her blog almost ever since I started doing digital stamps.  She has been one of my greatest inspirations and she is another one that is on mulitiple DTs. I had aspired to be on a DT with her and I finally made it but I think that she tries to stay far ahead of the rest of us so that she can concentrate on her other duties.  I haven’t had any interaction with her like I had anticipated.  I still LOVE you Chana and you are STILL my inspiration!

10.  I hope the person I pick for this last spot will accept.  Heather Dennis  Heather has become one of my dearest, dearest friends.  I think that she realizes this.  It is one of those things that kind of goes without saying.  I am able to tell her things and we can bounce ideas off of each other and know that neither one of us will judge the other.  We know that we are both talking to each other with the Spirit of God in our hearts.  Heather, you have truly been an inspiration to me.  I hope that you will accept this award.  It would really mean a lot to me!

I will be contacting these ladies to let them know they have received this award from me.

I hope that they will accept it, place it on their blogs and then pass it on to up to 10 other  crafting bloggers who inspire them.