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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I had better get started on my blog today before it gets away from me & I don’t get anything posted.  I did 2 cards yesterday & 1 layout.  I want to get those on here.  The 1st card was supposed to have 2 pps, a ribbon & a bird.  The result is above.  The 2nd card was supposed to have stickers on it.  I tried a different approach this time.  I took shaving cream & then took some Tim Holtz inks & dropped them on the shaving cream.  (I needed some popsicle sticks but didn’t have them.)  I used my bone folder to stir.  Then I put the cardstock on top of the result.  After I took a Kleenex & wiped off the excess I still had some white spots & I tried to take more of the color & fill in those spots with the Kleenex.  I really think I like the result.  It is unusual to say the least.  The layout was to have 3 pps, 3 flowers & to be in fall colors.  I used pictures of our family at Fiddlesticks Farms.  I loved the outcome so much it is already framed & up on our wall.  Thanks for dropping by.  I hope to get more done today. 


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