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Soccer Princess

Soccer PrincessI cannot believe how swift time passes by lately. DH has had the flu, I’ve had the flu, & I think we have passed it back & forth. This pic came to me from my daughter-in-law. They were having a monochromatic challenge, I think, over at TallyScrappers. Anyway, I wanted to do this pic so badly that I made it work. It is so Aubrey. I’ve already described her pretty good so I’ll just let it go at that. I have 3 new ATC cards to post but I’ll wait until my friend gets hers. I’m about to start a senior trip album for my niece’s birthday gift that should be lots of fun. It won’t be real extensive b/c there are so many pics that I need to get in the 20 pages but I will have a good time arranging them. I’m sure she will be surprised. I will be back to blog more. We have an appointment with the apartment manager this morning in an hour & a half & DH is still sleeping. Ugh! Better see if I can wake him up.


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