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Scatter Seeds Of Kindness

So last night I did the monochromatic challenge. This challenge was also a challenge at http://mixitupchallenges.blogspot.com/.
You should really check it out. They have an awesome site. I loved the challenge. It is perfect for my niece’s senior album. I’ve had so much fun doing the pictures from her senior year & her graduation that I really hate to stop. I know that she had an awesome year & that when she starts college in a week that her life will still be full of wonderment & she will make lots of new friends. She is very outgoing & fun to be around. I really had a hard time picking out what to put on the page as far as words went. I have 2 more of the challenges left to catch up with the other girls. I think Gina is supposed to be home tomorrow or Sunday. I have a couple of other challenges that I want to do for myself. So, keep checking back. There will be more. Thanks for looking. And, KEEP SCRAPPING! 🙂

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