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Where Does The Time Go?

I can’t believe it has really been 11 days since I last posted. I have something on almost every one of those days on my calendar though. We’ve been busy. And I feel stressed when I don’t have a chance to do some scrapbooking during the day. It is my way of doing total relaxation. I don’t mean shopping for scrappy stuff either although I really enjoy that too. LOL I want time to sit and look at my goodies, feel them, and smell them. I need to enjoy the whole experience of them. TallyScrappers is supposed to have a new challenge posted today and I was disappointed that it wasn’t already up. How insane am I? Ha!

Last night the space shuttle went up after being delayed from Wednesday night. We always get excited because we can actually see it from our apartment. Dave got some really good pictures too. We did have some clouds in the sky but all in all we could see and even could see the rockets falling off. I don’t believe we had ever seen them before.

I was supposed to get to see Missy and Kayla this weekend but things happened that prevented it. We probably needed a break anyway. LOL I was about to move in with her. wink wink Well, we will get together next weekend. I’m going to miss her when I’m gone the entire month of May. I wonder if she will fit in my suitcase? Hmm…


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